about site:
i began work on this site on 12/20/2021, but over several years i’ve created a large body of art, writing, and various other projects, some published under various pseudonyms on the web and some residing privately in personal storage. several of those close to me have urged me to create a catalog of these works, which i’ve attempted to do in the past, but found tedious. i figured the only way to create this catalog would be to make it an (accomplishable) artistic endeavor in and of itself. i wanted to create something digital yet organic, as well as something simple yet unique. do you think i accomplished my goal? let me know.

about evergreen:
hard of hearing, art school dropout, capricorn rising. cyberpunk larper, yesterweb dreamer, soulless ginger. whistlegraph composer, soykaf enjoyer, haver of friends. the only oldbie newbie, breaker of rule 30.