this is a directory of links to helpful resources, fun gadgets, and sites of my friends.


Cameron's World A web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages. Website
Deja Vu Surf today’s net on emulated browsers. Website
DownloadThemAll Browser extension allows you to download all the links and/or images from a website, with tons of filters to get only the stuff you want. Firefox, Chrome, Opera
The Geocities Gallery A restored visual gallery of the archived Geocities sites, sorted by neighborhood. Website
Killed By Google List of discontinued Google services, products, devices, and apps. Website
Museum of Obsolete Media An online museum of physical media formats showcasing developments in audio, video, film and data storage. Website
My Retro TVs Pick a year from 1960-2009 and tune into a simulated TV featuring content aired in that year! Website Connect emulated web browsers to web archives. Browse the old web, today, as it was! Website
One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op A screenshot of a Geocities page every 20 minutes. Check out the accompanying blog, too. Website
TubeOffline THE browser-based video downloader for Youtube and so very many more. (.mp4, .mp3, etc.) Website

AI Dungeon AI-generated adventures with infinite possibilities. Website, Android, iOS
BoredHumans 50 fun AI tools. Some favorites of mine include “Patent Generator,” “Get Yelled At,” “New Word Generator,” and “Happy Moments." Website
Inferkit AI-based text completion. Website
This Person Does Not Exist AI-generated images of completely fake people. Website
This Wojak Does Not Exist AI-generated images of completely fake… wojaks. Website
Uberduck Text-to-speech in the voice of your favorite character or celebrity. Website

Lifeprint My favorite ASL website. Free lessons, lectures, dictionary, and more. Website
Library Genesis Massive library of books, articles, and more. (.txt, .pdf, .epub, etc) Website
Library of Babel Every book that’s ever been written, or ever will be, or could, in any language using the Latin alphabet. Website
masterWiki MasterClass classes translated into wikiHow articles and available for free. Website
Project Gutenberg Library of over 60,000 free eBooks in the public domain (.txt, .pdf, .epub, etc). Website
Sci-hub Free access to scientific journals, articles, etc. (URL changes often, search the web for “Sci-hub”.) Website
ToS;DR Breaks down and highlights the important (and dangerous) parts of the ToS of major websites. Website

3D Pipes A series of tubes. Website
9 Eyes Strange and interesting Google Street View captures. Website
Indie Game Jams The most complete game jam calendar on the web. Website
Orb.Farm Your personal aquatic ecosystem to nurture, sculpt, and observe. Website
PetitTube Random Youtube videos with 0 views. Website
Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator Open packs, booster boxes, and collect all the cards in your browser. Website
SCUM Games Games developed for Terry A. Davis’s TempleOS. TempleOS
WebGMCam Browser tool makes your webcam look like a Gameboy camera. Website
Windows 93 A fictional, vaporwave-inspired operating system in your browser with tons to explore. Website
Word Golf An addictive game played with the meanings of words. Website

Ambient-mixer Mix your own dynamic soundscape online. Website, iOS, Android
Beepbox An online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental music (especially chiptune). Website
Citizen DJ Free-to-use audio and video collections from the Library of Congress for hip-hop creators. Website
Musicmap The ultimate map of popular music genres, including their relations and history. Website
Music theory Introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers, and calculators. Website
Mydora A deep dive into the lost archives of Myspace Music. Website
Purrli Adjustable HD cat purrs for background noise. TempleOS
Radiooooo Listen and discover music by country and decade via an interactive map. Website
Ringtone Banger Archive A Google Drive containing 2000's era cellphone ringtones + more for download, maintained by @ringtonebangers on Twitter. Website Listen to forests around the world. Website
Youtube to Mp3 Converter What it says on the tin. Watch for occasional pop up tabs. Website

boxboxhtml A simple tool for creating html/css layouts, similar to the basics of Unity's UI editor. Website
Celestial Star Old school anime layouts. Website
Cinni's website layouts Cute (anime-inspired) layouts. Website
Codesharing Impressive list of free-to-use layouts. Website
CSS Layout Popular layouts and patterns made with CSS. Website
eggramen Free layouts, including one for webcomics. Website
Halcyon Old school anime layouts. Website
HOTGLUE.ME Drag-and-drop website builder. Website
Lovely Designs Old school anime layouts. Website
Lunasty 00s-style layouts. Website Another drag-and-drop website builder. Website
Sadgrl's Layout Builder Build a custom layout, no coding required. Website
Straw.Page Extremely simple website builder. Website
TEMPLATERR Navigation tools and simple layouts. Website

SITE RESOURCES (pre-made graphics, add-ons, domains, hosting, etc)
Backgrounds archive Archive of old tiled backgrounds. Website
Blog Switch Cute falling object codes for your page. Website
Boodle Box Fake ads to use on your page. Website
Cbox Live Chat Free real-time chatbox for your page Website
ClippyJS Embed a virtual assistant on your page! Website
The Corporation More fake ads/awards to use on your page. Website
FreeGB Free guestbook for your page. Website
Formspree A form you can use on your site for contact inquiries, limited to 50 submissions a month on the free plan. Website
GifCities GeoCities .gif search engine Website
InfinityFree Free webserver with PHP and SQL databases. Website
Internet Bumper Stickers What it says on the tin. Website
Kawaii Sozai Web Graphics Directory of pixel art websites. Website
Leprd Free webserver with PHP and SQL databases, for hobbyists. Website
Lunatic Obscurity Reviews of obscure and bizarre games. Website
Neocities A web hosting site in the spirit of GeoCities. Website
PollCode Create a free poll for your website. Website
Porkbun Cheap domains. Website
SCM Music Plater Seamless music player for your website. Website
Web Badges World Nearly 4000 web badges. Website
WebsiteOut Free hit counters. Website

Beaker Browser A peer-to-peer web browser. Yeah, you read that right. Mac, Windows, Linux
Neo-neighborhoods A recreation of the original GeoCities neighborhoods for Neocities. Website
Temp.PM Send secure, temporary private messages. You can have them expire or protect them with a password. Website

ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker Make web badges. Website
AutoDraw A drawing tool with the option to correct your shapes into icons and clipart. Website
Blinkie Make blinkies, nametags, buttons, kaoanis, and more. Website
Cheap Freedom Club An online visual art museum open to everyone. Website
EZGIF Simple online .gif maker and editor. Website
Inspiral A spirograph in your browser. Website, Android, iOS
JS Kidpix KidPix in your browser. Website
JSPaint Microsoft Paint in your browser. (With some insane extras!) Website
Make WordArt What it says on the tin. Website
No Paint Press "Paint" if you like what you see, or "No" if you don't. Website, iOS Automatically removes the background from an image of your choice. (Surprising reliable?) Website
Repeater Create repeating tiles from pattern images. Website
Rhizome Artbase An archive of born-digital artworks from 1999 to the present day. Website
Sadgrl’s 88x31 button maker What it says on the tin. Website
TEXT-IMAGE Generate HTML, ASCII, and Matrix art from images. Website
Vertex Meadow Create detailed and unusual 3D environments to explore using a 2D paint-program-like interface and your webcam in your browser. Website
Vipercard Open source re-creation and re-imagination of 1987's HyperCard, with limitless possibilities. Website
Waifu2x Make pictures (primarily anime-style art, but it can be anything) bigger with less noise. Website

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